Book Discovery: Nov 12

11/13/2012 — 2 Comments

So, I do this thing at bookstores that gets me weird looks from the people working there…I just walk around taking photos of covers of books that look like they may be interesting. I don’t read the synopsis, just take a photo. Then when I get home, I look them up on Goodreads and decide if they are, in fact, something that I would read and add them to my shelves. Sometimes I duplicate books I already have on my shelves, but many times I come out with books I’d never heard of or have slipped under the radar.

Anyhow, that weird habit has inspired these posts of discovery. I’m hoping it will be a weekly post, but sometimes I just don’t go out because of my crazy work schedule. But I’m continually finding books online as well, so it will be a mixture of books already on the shelves, books with a lot of buzz that haven’t been released yet, and ARCs and galleys that I’ve found.

These books caught my eye while I was browsing the bookstore today…

Do any of these catch your eye, or have you read them? I’m pretty excited to read several of these newly discovered titles! I may just have to head back to the bookstore and pick a couple of them up…


2 responses to Book Discovery: Nov 12


    I do the same thing! People look at my like I’m nuts and my hubby gets embarrassed and goes to the magazine section. lol!

    Invisible Murder is on Netgalley right now (I got it a little bit ago) and The Heart Broke In was also but I’m not sure if it still is. I also have Starling. I haven’t read any of them yet. 🙂


    I do this too! (Is there a club for the most crazy of us?) I get the weird looks, and was once asked by an employee “What do you think you’re doing there, m’am?”

    I read 172 hours and liked it. It’s really different from the typical YA horror novel.

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