REVIEW: The Book of (Even More) Awesome by Neil Pasricha

11/05/2012 — Leave a comment

The Blurb

The next book in the number-one internationally bestselling franchise.

In this follow-up to The Book of Awesome, Neil Pasricha looks at even more of the little things that make us smile every day.

Neil Pasricha is back with a collection of hundreds more awesome things from the website, as well as never-before-seen extraordinary moments that deserve celebration:

Entries include:

– When your windshield wipers match the beat of the song you’re listening to
– Letting go of the gas pump perfectly so you end on a round number
– When a baby falls asleep on you

Because couldn’t we all use a little more AWESOME?

My Thoughts

Following in the footsteps of The Book of Awesome: Snow Days, Bakery Air, Finding Money in Your Pocket, and Other Simple, Brilliant Things, this book is a laugh-out-loud pick-me-up kind of book. It’s excellent when you’re having a rough day and just need something to remind you of little things out there that are AWESOME!

I love the way Pasricha writes about each of these awesome things – he creates a whole scene or story about that one little thing. He makes a big to-do about it. The very last awesome thing in this book isn’t really so awesome, but explains where he came from when starting the blog and then moving on to putting it together into books. Even his acknowledgements were amusing!

Honestly, I think that everyone should have both of these books in their library or on their coffeetable, so it’s there on days when you need it. Pasricha has inspired me to think about the little things in life and smile a little bit more, even on my cloudy days.

So thank you, Neil Pasricha, for being AWESOME!

My Rating: 5 stars


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